Success Stories

Expense Training

Thanks Lori for the expense training! You are awesome!

Tony N., CDJR Dealership, Albert, Canada - May 2024

Stellantis, Detroit OEM

Thank you so much for great turnaround. It's working great. I was able to get the special dealers financial statement very easily and quickly. I have attached for the team for quick review.

Once again thank you so much.

Meraj, Applications Service Manager, May 2024

Balance Sheet Training

Thank you Lori for the balance sheet training. I am a newly appointed GM and found this very informative. I am very fortunate to have a seasoned 30 year controller hoping to impress her with my questions! Looking forward to next session, have a great month!

Scott M, General Manager CDJR Dealership, KS - April 2024

Profit Opportunities Training

Thank you very much for your time. Presentation was excellent. Greatly appreciate it.

Terry K., CDJR Dealership, Ottawa, Canada - March 2024

Harley-Davidson Dealership, CO

Overall, I think the program is great, very intuitive, and very comprehensive, yet simple to understand and use. I think it will be a great tool for the operators and GMs, and also for Department managers!

Justin L, Harley-Davidson Dealership, CO

General Manager, California Subaru Dealer

To Lori and her team:

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the excellent financial review this past week. I can not tell how much I appreciate all of the input and all of the direction you were all able to give us. We are busy implementing all of the changes and adjustments you asked us to make. Most of them will not take effect until the May statement. I very much appreciate the positive and professional manner in which the meetings were handled and I look forward to the implementation stage of the process. I'm sure we will be reaching out with some questions over the next few weeks as we go through our list. I am excited to get back together in July and see the impact made by the changes. Thanks again for everything.

Head of Network Financial Analysis & Reporting

Thanks for handling that so quickly. I appreciate it, especially knowing how hard everyone is working to get the new tool ready to go.

I also wanted to mention that the new iEXAM tool is getting very positive interest throughout our company, as well as our top dealers.

I had the opportunity to spend the last few days with our National Dealer Council (18 elected dealers to represent our 8 Business Centers). In addition, our top corporate executives were in attendance, including our U.S. Sales CEO, a few Brand Presidents, and multiple Vice Presidents from various organizations. Basically, the room was full of people with the leverage to make things happen with our dealer body.

My boss is such an advocate of iEXAM that he provided me the opportunity to present your new tool to this group. My presentation was short and sweet, and I hope I did it justice. Regardless, the response from the group was extremely positive. To the point that all 18 dealers now want to be a part of the pilot (a few already are, but I should have thought of it earlier) and two Business Center Directors have asked for my presentation to use in their upcoming dealer meetings.

Anyway, I wanted you to know that our company is very excited to be working with your team and looking forward to improving our dealer network with the excellent tool you are providing.

Many thanks!

Kindest regards,

Cheryl A, Head of Network Financial Analysis & Reporting

Nissan Mexico

I'm writing to you, in name of all my team, just to thanks to you all your efforts and the huge improvements that you have made in AO for INFINITI, and also for Nissan platform.

We know that we have been asking for so many things, and pushing all the work to be done in so little time, sometimes we just don't size all the workload our requirements implies to you, but anyways you have been responding with great ways. And also assigning 1 person focussed specifically on AOS could be quite bothering thing.

All the progress has been the result of the commitment and responsibility from both teams and we really appreciate this.

Jorge V, Nissan Mexico

Subaru Zone Manager

I know I learned a ton and the dealer made a comment to me that the dealer review from AOSolutions was beyond his expectations and the only thing he regrets is not asking for help sooner.

Shawn M, Subaru Zone Manager

Harley-Davidson Dealership, KY

This is OUTSTANDING!!! I'm only 20 minutes into it but this is going to be a game changer. Great job on this iEXAM Financial Analysis tool! Thank you.

Jason D, Harley-Davidson Dealership, KY