Customer Quotes

Great Info on expenses, Thank you Lori

Ben R., CDJR Dealership, Staunton, VA - May 2024

Thank you very much for your time. Great content on Expenses.

Terry K., CDJR Dealership, Ottawa, Canada - May 2024

Great job! Definitely want to attend more of these training in the future. Thank you.

Ralph M., CDJR Dealership - Lake Wales, FL - April 2024

Will you be offering this webinar again? I would love to have someone else from my dealership see this Balance Sheet Training.

Shannon K., CDJR Dealership, Johnstown, NY - April 2024

Hey, just letting you know how much I appreciate this resource. Very well planned and Lori is an Ace.

I've never received this level of aid from a manufacturer. Impressed.

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealer

Thank you for your wonderful product and the excellent customer service we've received over the years! You, Lori and Emily are a pleasure to work with.

Melanie S, Auto Sales Business Management

Wow - that's awesome! Thank you AO team!

Eric, Senior Manager of Technology - Stellantis - April 2024

Benny, you're the best!

20 Group Coordinator - Spring 2021

"Lori hits it out of the park" in regards to teaching dealers how to understand their Financial Statement.

a CDJR dealer from the Midwest

Moderator Was Awesome!!

Really Enjoyed her style.

J.A. - Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram -- Milwaukee Wi

I did not expect that. I am just flabbergasted that they were able to do that. I opened it up in Excel and it looks great. Thank you!

Harley Davidson 20 Group Administrator - Spring 2021

Lori makes Stellantis look good.

20 Group Dealer Participant - Spring 2021

In regards to dealer group facilitation; "Lori is an ace."

a Texas Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealer

Can you send someone to pick up my jaw!!?? It's almost identical at first glance!

I am just tinkering around in it now but so far it looks amazing!

Harley Davidson Business Management - Spring 2021

I just want to thank you all for the effort and support on the preparation of the web course.

It was very interactive and I am happy about that.

Javier F, FCA Mexico

Thanks again for all your help and insight. Truly a bargain indeed.

Ted D, Retailer Development, Subaru of America

Congratulations Benny!! Thank you so much for all that you do for us! You're the best!!

Melanie S, Auto Sales Business Management

Wow, that's service!

David A in Ford

We have spent many hours collaborating over the years, from the early days of the desktop version of EXAM, the replacement of Financial Statements with DISC, and iEXAM. It has been my privilege to have worked with such a great group of business partners who takes so much pride in their product and truly cares about Subaru's success.

And you are just all around good people! I wanted to thank you for your friendship and support over the many years we have worked together.

Nancy S, Subaru of America

I absolutely love the way you always respond to our urgent issues so quickly

Sonok B in NADA

Thanks for the World Class Customer Service!

Lance S, HISNA

Thanks so much for the great service. You folks can always be counted on in a crunch. I loaded the CDs and they worked perfectly.

You all went above and beyond the line of duty.

Matt S, Chrysler Financial

Super - thanks AOSolutions Support Team.

3 am?????

Janet S in Nissan USA